Small Paws Animal Rescue have saved over 300 animals this year alone.
Small Paws Animal Rescue have saved over 300 animals this year alone.

Saving the defenceless one pet at a time

A VOLUNTEER organisation is aiming to put an end to the needless deaths of countless pets.

Small Paws Animal Rescue’s Amanda Sykes said they deal with daily cases of people dumping, drowning and shooting defenceless animals.

“I grew up a country kid so I know these things happen,” Ms Sykes said.

“Kittens get drowned. If people have working dogs and they get accidentally pregnant people will shoot or drown the puppies.

“We want to raise awareness and tell people that there are other options.

“People think the best of people. They don’t like to think the worst of people.”

Just this weekend, three kittens were found dumped outside Kids Korner on Corundum St.

The animal rescue is based out of North Brisbane but have volunteers who traverse the state to pick up unwanted animals.

They’ll be in Stanthorpe tomorrow.

Ms Sykes said education and foresight are the biggest things they try to pass on.

“We understand some people might have financial or medical issues. But some people might have a baby and think ‘oh god, I can’t keep this cat’.”

They do free desexing’s, microchipping and vaccinations.

“Out that way parvo virus is very contagious and there’s a bit of a spread going through at the moment.

“Another thing people don’t realise is it’s illegal in Queensland to give away an animal without it being microchipped.

“So people won’t go to the vet and pay $120 only to give an animal away.”

They also work with people to set up feeding plans and sourcing cheaper food.

They can also donate goods if people don’t have the resources.

“Last week I took bedding down to NSW because it’s so cold.

“It’s already bad enough that people might be going through personal issues with COVID-19, drought and fires so we’re just trying to keep up with it and let people know there’s other services they can link into.”

Ms Sykes estimates they’ve rescued over 300 animals so far this year.

If you have an animal to give away email or phone Ms Sykes on 0487 794 261.

“We need to be together in this and not judge other people and that’s what we try to do.”