FUEL THIEF: Mrs Gimm said the opportunistic crime was a shock to her and her husband.
FUEL THIEF: Mrs Gimm said the opportunistic crime was a shock to her and her husband.

‘SCUM’: Warning after Southern Downs fuel tanker theft

ONE Bapaume resident has issued a grave warning for her neighbours after a brazen thief took off with 500L of fuel.

Marg Gimm's husband Darryl was packing lunches at about 5am on Thursday when he heard a noise outside the window.

What he saw shocked him.

"He saw a white 4WD station wagon and a man hooking up our mobile fuel tanker. He tried to stop him but by the time he got there he had driven off," Mrs Gimm said.

"It was so quick so he'd obviously done it before."

The Gimms reported the incident to Stanthorpe police and investigations were ongoing.

But what worried Mrs Gimm was their house wasn't the first stop, according to reports.

"He was previously down at another property and sighted in the paddocks of our neighbours," she said.

"I'm just hoping police might be able to do something about it because what kind of low life scum drives around other people's properties snooping around?"

The theft not only meant no fuel for the pair but also the loss of their mobile tanker, which can price anywhere from $300-1000.

"It's quite a shock to lose that amount of fuel but there's also the inconvenience of not having a mobile fuel tanker anymore," Mrs Gimm said.

The Gimm Ln resident also said the tanker was well hidden behind solar panels, urging residents to keep property secure.

"I guess the only way to keep safe is to lock everything up," Mrs Gimm said.

"You don't expect people to enter private property and drive away but there is a crime spree going on."

The incident comes only months after another Stanthorpe woman reported her ride-on mower's fuel had been siphoned.



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