The Eclectic Pallet Owner Nancy Folkers.
The Eclectic Pallet Owner Nancy Folkers.

Social media proves handy tool for small business owners

A SOCIAL media campaign is proving to be a promising strategy to get ahead, with many of Stanthorpe's small businesses jumping on board.

Facebook's Buy from the Bush Queensland began in 2018, encouraging people to support farmers and rural businesses by buying locally grown and made products.

Local business owner Becky Finch said instead of going out and buying products from larger stores, Buy from the Bush provides the opportunity to buy from a locally owned small business.

"Anything that you can buy from a larger store, you can buy from a locally owned business and support them at the same time," she said.

"It is too basically help these smaller locally owned businesses throughout the drought because everyone is struggling.

"Once the word is out there people want to support local businesses.

"99 per cent of people would rather support a local business, it is just the awareness that makes the difference."

The 19-year old started her own business called Farm Gate Delicacies in November, using Buy from the Bush to her advantage.

"I sell all home made jams, chutneys, fruit spreads and other goodies," she said.

Becky said the page has a following of 30,000 people who are located all over Australia.

"People would ask on the page if they knew anyone who made jams, chutneys or fruit butters and pretty much nine times out of ten somebody would either tag myself or my business.

"So my business has just grown immensely that way.

"All it takes is for one person to see the page and then it's just word of mouth from there," she said.



Farm Gate Delicacies owner Becky Finch.
Farm Gate Delicacies owner Becky Finch.


Becky said over Christmas she had people contacting her to purchase her products all the way from South Australia.

"When I asked them how did you hear of me they said Buy from the Bush.

"It does work and it is great exposure for your business," she said.

Farm Gate Delicacies isn't the only locally owned businesses that has benefited, with The Eclectic Pallet owner Nancy Folkers getting involved too.

"I think it is very beneficial to get all businesses from small towns out there.

"I was able to send some parcels to the Northern Territory and New South Wales from it.

"It's a great initiative and I hope I can get more involved in it," she said.

Since the fires ripped through the region in September, Ms Folkers said business has been booming.

"Instead of closing down we decided to do the opposite and fill the store with some new and exciting stock.

"It has paid off because we have been seeing amazing people coming through and supporting us.

"We just wanted to keep a positive spin on things," she said.

If you want to be involved in Buy from The Bush all you have to do is join the group on Facebook.