GETTING READY: Louise Day practising horse sporting for the upcoming gymkhanas
GETTING READY: Louise Day practising horse sporting for the upcoming gymkhanas Liana Walker

Stanthorpe Pony Club prepares for upcomming events

Horse Riding: Getting prepared for the next event is always on the mind of the Stanthorpe Pony Club.

Last Sunday was the fourth rally day of the year and campdraft and gymkhanas were at the front of the riders' minds.

Stanthorpe Pony Club secretary Leona Harrison said each rally day was tailored with different coaches from different disciplines, usually working towards upcoming events.

Last weekend consisted of sporting, cow chasing and dressage.

"The sporting is working towards gymkhanas which happen in different locations throughout the year,” Mrs Harrison said.

"Warwick gymkhana is coming up soon.

"But sometimes the kids go out to Inglewood or Texas where they have different pony club gymkhanas where different pony clubs compete against each other.”

The gymkhana is a day which consists of different age groups competing against each other in different races, rider classes and sometimes jumping classes.

Performing in the correct order and controlling the horse and speed is the main focus of the event.

Alongside the gymkhanas, the riders are also preparing for the Stanthorpe campdraft on May 11 - 13.

Although event preparation was one focus of the rally day, Mrs Harrison said riders enjoying themselves was more important.

"It's about having fun,” she said.

"It's getting out on your horses, socialising, socialising your horses and teaching both the horses and the kids new skills.

"The horses learn a lot as well as the kids.”

This year the Stanthorpe Pony Club has a total membership of 30 riders.

"We always welcome new members,” Mrs Harrison said.

"Especially younger members because that way we know the club's going to have something to look forward to in the future.”

She said since the first rally day all the club members had improved their skills

"We see improvements all the time,” she said.

"The confidence that the kids get from the day on the horse with instruction.

"Sometimes just from the beginning to the end of the day you can see improvement.”

The Pony Club has a rally day on the third Sunday of every month.

Spectators are welcome and anyone interested in joining Pony Club is encouraged to come along.