Faux rug, faux leather pouf, faux foliage.
Faux rug, faux leather pouf, faux foliage. Kmart

Why faux not fur is now the hot new trend

WE OFTEN witness fashion filtering into interiors and with faux products it's no different, it's a huge trend both on the catwalk and in the home. Using faux products in your home serves the same purpose as it does with fashion; you get the bang without spending the big bucks.

There's also another advantage when it comes to choosing faux products. Designers such as Stella McCartney are famously huge animal activists, eschewing skin and furs in her collection. Other designers such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are also big advocates of choosing faux fur and skins in both their fashion and home products.

Thanks to technology, faux products for the home are plentiful, fabulous and affordable. Cowskins are so on trend now, but they are even better in perfect condition, evenly coloured and without the cow smell (see products below). There are also gorgeous faux lamb's wool skins (perfect placed on the side of the bed).

Taxidermy is another huge look. But for most of us, dead animals used as decor is just plain gruesome. Thanks to materials such as resin, we can now all look like we're great sports with the wide range of faux animal trophies available. A few pieces of faux fur here and there are a great way to add texture and cosines to a room. Don't be afraid to mix and match faux fur with other textures to bring personality and character to your spaces.

If you prefer to incorporate the faux fur look more subtly into your decor, then adding a couple of well chosen accessories is a great way to go about it. For a tiny investment, you get a maximum impact, and no one gets shot.