OUT IN THE WILD: Trinity Welling from Junabee participated in the training camp and at Sunday's event.
OUT IN THE WILD: Trinity Welling from Junabee participated in the training camp and at Sunday's event. Ken Laws

Terrain proves big drawcard

ORIENTEERING: The Granite Belt's unique terrain attracts orienteering enthusiasts from around the country.

Close to 90 people took part in an Amiens event on Sunday, which followed a three day training camp.

Orienteering, a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain while moving at speed, has developed a following in recent years.

Events on the Granite Belt continue to grow, with the weekend's run attracting people from Armidale, Inglewood, Toowoomba and Brisbane.

"Our event at Amiens went very well with 89 people competing,” Liz Bourne, president of the local Bullecourt Boulder Bounders Orienteering Club said.

"There were seven courses on offer with competitors ranging in age from six through to 77.

"The numbers were boosted by 36 junior orienteers who were on the Southern Downs attending a three day training camp.

"Sunday's event also doubled as the Camp Championships to conclude the training camp.

"The weather was fine and cool, ideal for running but a bit chilly for our Brisbane visitors,” she said.

On Friday, there was training on a property out at Dalveen in the morning, followed by sprint events at the Warwick High School and at Scots College that afternoon.

Saturday's training took place in Amiens Forest, west of Stanthorpe.

The Camp Championships was also held there on Sunday.

"It was a very successful training camp,” Ms Bourne said.

"Kids handled the technical terrain very well.

"The training we did on Saturday was with one of the most complex maps in Australia

"We had very few people who failed to finish.

"People continue to be attracted to our events because of the nature of our granite terrain.

"For people that are competitive, they like the challenge of navigating around all the boulders.”

The club's next event will be held at Dalveen on August 11.