WELL DONE: Casey O’Connor with the String Family Joel, Ashleigh, Sarah and Heath Moir.
WELL DONE: Casey O’Connor with the String Family Joel, Ashleigh, Sarah and Heath Moir. Amy Kadel

The String Family win big

THE String Family had all of Stanthorpe dancing on both Friday night during the opening ceremony and on Saturday during the Busking Championships.

They’ll have the crowds up and dancing again tonight when they perform at the Civic Centre.

The Moir family (Joel, Sarah and their two kids Heath, 13, and Ashleigh, 11) entered the competition for the experience.

“I came across that busking competition and I thought ‘oh that sounds really, like a nice atmosphere and not too competitive, just supportive and everybody having fun and doing what they do’ and so I signed up to go in that competition,” Sarah Moir said.

After winning the competition in 2015, the family who originally come from Wollongong, sold their belongings, bought a caravan and hit the road.

They now spend their time travelling the country, busking at various events.

They attended the Apple and Grape to perform, but also for the 2016 Busking Championships, where they took out the South East Queensland Regional Finals for the 2016 National Busking Championship, sponsored by Power Tynan.

Not only have the String Family loved performing in Stanthorpe, but have also fallen in love with the town.

“Heath in particular has just really lit up since we arrived in Stanthorpe, he was a bit iffy about the whole thing until we arrived here and he loves Stanthorpe,” Sarah said.

“Since we arrived here he’s been happy ever since.”

“Everyone’s so friendly and all the country people we meet are so friendly and funny,” Heath added.

The Rotary club were in charge of the competition and president Casey O’Connor said it was a great asset to the festival.

“They’ve just made such an impact, they’re very humble but they’re so so special,” Mr O’Connor said.

“It was just great for Rotary to run this in conjunction with the Apple and Grape.”

Tonight they will perform with with the RSL Pipe and Brass bands, and the new Swing band. Entry is by gold coin donation and starts at 7pm.