FIRED UP: Sisters Kerry Hall and Kaylene McNee got caught up in tonight’s drama on My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals.
FIRED UP: Sisters Kerry Hall and Kaylene McNee got caught up in tonight’s drama on My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals. Channel 7

‘There was so much hate’: Sisters dragged into MKR scandal

KAYLENE McNee and Kerry Hall unexpectedly found themselves in the middle of an explosive confrontation on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The Bundaberg-raised sisters were dragged into the dinner table drama after a love triangle between their fellow contestants Ben, Roula and Lauren was exposed during the final instant restaurant.

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Ben and Roula's budding romance has been playing out on the show over the past few weeks, with the pair passing love notes and going on a first date.

But before the final course of Sophia and Romel's menu was served, Roula confronted Ben and Lauren after hearing "Chinese whispers" about them snuggling on the couch together.

Assuming sisters Kerry and Kaylene had shared details of a private conversation, Lauren accused the sisters of being "two-faced b------".

Unbeknown to Lauren, it was Jake who had set off the chain of events by revealing Ben's confession that he'd kissed Lauren to Roula's teammate Rachael.

"As soon as people call me something when I've done nothing wrong, I see fire," said Kaylene, who now lives at Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

*EMBARGOED until 9pm Monday February 17* Kerry and Kaylene were forced to defend themselves on My Kitchen Rules tonight. Supplied by Channel 7.
Kerry and Kaylene were forced to defend themselves after a love triangle set off a war of words at the dinner table.

"Especially with my sister there too, I'm going to defend my sister. There was no way someone's going to call her that and I'm not going to fire up.

"It was really hard. We knew the truth obviously, and what we were trying to say is if you just lay it out and be honest, it will blow over. The fact that she (Lauren) kept on denying it really grinds people's gears. For five days we struggled being in that (fans) house. There was so much hate in that house from Lauren and (her brother) Mark to us.

"I hope for our sake it shows we weren't starting something."

Kaylene said the personality clashes were the most difficult part of being on the reality cooking show, which has suffered a downturn in ratings as it struggles to compete against Nine's reality dating show Married At First Sight.

She and Kerry are the highest scoring of the fan teams after the first round, wowing judge Manu Feildel with their instant restaurant menu.

"I went in very naive … I thought everything was going to be like rainbows and butterflies and that everyone was going to get along like two big families, but no that's not what happens," she said.

"It took me quite a long time to get used to the different personalities … I don't have mean and nasty people in my life."

My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Seven.