IN FORM: Lloyd Kisby going for a run at the Border Rugby League double header on Sullivan Oval on July 29.
IN FORM: Lloyd Kisby going for a run at the Border Rugby League double header on Sullivan Oval on July 29. Kim Micke

Tough-fought clashes on Patrons Cup day

THE Inglewood Roosters claimed the Patrons Cup trophy after scoring a try against the Tenterfield Tigers in the last seconds of the game.

The Border Rugby League Patrons Cup took place at Sullivan Oval on Saturday.

The Roosters won against the Tigers 46-40.

Inglewood took out the trophy, rewarding the Roosters with a home grand final on August 26.

The Tigers took an early 24-0 lead in the first half but the Roosters caught up to them, finishing the first half with a score of 24-18.

Stanthorpe Senior Rugby League club spokesman Paul Shatte said it was a great game to watch.

"Tenterfield got away with that early lead, you just thought they were going to run away with it,” he said.

"It just goes to show you've got to be switched on for the whole time.”

In the second game of the double-header, the Stanthorpe Gremlins faced the Killarney Cutters.

Cutters won 26-16.

Club spokesman Paul Shatte said the Gremlins made too many mistakes after leading in the first half.

"It was one of those games we should never have lost,” he said.

"But it got away from us.”

Shatte said they had the opportunities but just couldn't hang onto the ball.

"Maybe because they came off a pretty big win against Killarney a couple of weeks before, they were a little bit over-confident,” he said.

"Whatever we tried to execute just failed.”

The club spokesman said the Killarney side played well and deserved to win.

He said the Stanthorpe team tried different plays but nothing paid off.

"A couple of guys were still standout players,” he said.

"Stephen Martin went really well, he took the ball up really strongly as did Nick Marsh, he ran all day.

"Also, Will Miles had another pretty good game.”

Stephen Martin was named players' player.

Shatte said next week the Gremlins would be going to Killarney.

"We play Inglewood down there,” he said.

"That will be a tough one.

"But then again, it depends on how (the Inglewood Roosters) travel too.”