BREACH OF TRUST: Hoffman took the cash on two separate occasions.
BREACH OF TRUST: Hoffman took the cash on two separate occasions.

Trusted employee sneaks glances at CCTV before taking cash

AN EMPLOYEE who brazenly stole $100 from her Stanthorpe boss has fronted Warwick court.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ken Wiggan said that Tiana Louise Hoffman, 21, was ­working at the Stanthorpe ­Caltex Station in September last year when she stole $50 from the till on two separate occasions.

In both instances, Hoffman hid out of view of the security cameras while she took off with the cash.

“The defendant watched the monitor, walked out of the room, picked up the other half of the rolls and walked to the sink area where she hid for a short period of time,” Sgt Wiggan said.

“While at the sink, she placed a roll in her pocket.”

When caught by police, the 21-year-old confessed she had been looking at the CCTV footage “because it showed the camera angles”.

Hoffman later lost her job over the money.

Lawyer Sarah Campbell said Hoffman stole the money to buy fuel because she lived in Toowoomba at the time.

While Hoffman pleaded guilty to the two stealing charges, Ms Campbell argued that it was out of necessity and that Hoffman had since tried to reduce her financial desperation.

“It was the only job she was able to get at that point in time,” she said.

“She’s actually moved back to live with her parents in ­Warwick.”

The court also heard Hoffman had obtained new employment in Pittsworth.

Magistrate Leanne Scoines said Hoffman’s actions showed she had pre-planned the theft and violated the small business’s trust.

“There’s quite a degree, if not planned, there’s a strategy with how you developed a workaround system that to me shows there was a degree of thought that went into taking the money,” Ms Scoines said.

“Doing that is a major breach of trust against your employer and the courts take that very seriously.”

Ms Scoines sentenced Hoffman to a total fine of $800 and restitution of $100.

No conviction was recorded.