Jim Wedrat has been given until Friday to remove his Hills Hoist.
Jim Wedrat has been given until Friday to remove his Hills Hoist.

Unexpected twist in Hills Hoist ‘eyesore’ saga

A ROCKHAMPTON pensioner has had a small victory following a six-month long property dispute over a Hills Hoist clothesline.

Yesterday The Morning Bulletin reported Jim Wedrat's battle with independent living facilitator PresCare over a self-installed clothes hoist he had been told to remove.

He said he had been asked to have it taken down by Friday as administrators considered it an "eyesore".

Despite being in violation of his lease agreement, Jim said he had sought approval for the line and was under the impression he had permission before swiftly being told by PresCare management in Brisbane that it must come down.

It wasn't the first time Mr Wedrat had made alterations

A steadfast Jim said he would not be taking it down and thus, a standoff was imminent.

News of his ordeal went national with print, television and radio producers scrambling to share his story. Public opinion flowed well in favour of the pensioner and yesterday, PresCare struck a compromise with Jim. PresCare general manager customer experience Karyn Kelly said the company had decided to respond to Mr Wedrat's need for a sunnier spot to dry his sheets.

"As part of our privacy initiatives for our residents, we have provided wall mounted foldable clothes lines connected to their dwelling," she said.

"We are looking to install three communal industrial grade hoists that will be conveniently located at the site benefiting all residents.

"We have made contact with Mr Wedrat via our normal process and he was positive with the outcome."

Jim said it was "bloody good news" that they had decided to put up more lines for the other residents. As for the hoist in question, he said it will stay up until he sees the others put in.