WIN WIN: Troy Colley with son Cooper (Chip) Colley.
WIN WIN: Troy Colley with son Cooper (Chip) Colley.

Carnival a 'win win' for ex Gremlin player

THE man behind the upcoming Redlands4Stanthorpe Rugby League Carnival said it's a 'win win' idea, showing his gratitude to his junior club and supporting the community at the same time.

Stanthorpe born and bred Troy Colley said he "never had a chance" to give back to the Stanthorpe Gremlins, a place where he spent majority of his junior years training and playing.

"I never really had a chance to give back or do any coaching or say thank you to the people and their support for what they gave me when I was coming through as a junior player," Colley said.

"It's a bit of a win win to say thank you to the footy club and raise money for the drought and tourism."


THROWBACK: Colley playing for Gremlins in 1996.
THROWBACK: Colley playing for Gremlins in 1996.


Colley made the move to Brisbane 31 years ago, where he now heavily devotes his time to Redlands Rugby League Club.

"I coach my sons Under 12's team.

"I still stay in contact with a few of the boys up there that I played with and that are involved in the club but it's still home to me," he said.

After putting the idea out there, Colley teamed up with Gremlins president Lindsay Adams and vice-president Mitch Hurtz, along with Redlands president Todd Flahey to put the day into action.

"I spoke to Todd in November and he just jumped on board.

"I had a chat to the boys when I was up there at Christmas time and they were keen as mustard.

"Between the four of us we have just got on a role."


Colley coaching his sons Redlands Under 12’s side.
Colley coaching his sons Redlands Under 12’s side.


Colley said final numbers are still waiting to be confirmed but is roughly looking around 20 teams and 300 players to descend upon the Granite Belt next month.

"At the moment we have 14 Redlands sides. Then there is going to be the Tenterfield A-Grade side. Three more junior teams, two league tag ladies' sides and one open women's side."

Along with the carnival Colley said 7000 litres of water has been donated and will be delivered in March.

"We have the water plus the GoFundMe page that we have set up and a fun run we are trying to organise to raise some more money."

He said the money raised between Redlands different fundraisers will all be used to purchase water.

"Instead of us transporting water up there we will use that money to buy the water up in town.

"We will head up to the IGA or somewhere like that and buy the water from there," he said.

The carnival will be held on Saturday, March 14, at Sullivan Oval starting from 8am.

"Its pretty much just everyone coming together to give back to people who do need a hand.

"Let everyone know that there are people here that are thinking about them and do what to help in every way they can."

For more information and advertising inquires visit Redlands4Stanthorpe Rugby League Carnival on Facebook.