SHAPING UP: Gabriele Trabucco, Maggie Brockie and Richard Pfeiffer.
SHAPING UP: Gabriele Trabucco, Maggie Brockie and Richard Pfeiffer. Deirdre Smith

Vision for sculptures in region

THE Weeroona sculpture project is the first of a number of art installations proposed for the Stanthorpe region.

A scale model of the Regional Arts Development-funded project was on display at the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery on Sunday.

The display attracted more than 50 people including six councillors and sculptors Gabriele Trabucco, Maggie Brockie and Richard Pfeiffer who are all members of Bolder Art Circle Inc (BACI).

BACI representatives were on hand to explain in detail the model and also outline the group's ambitious plans for future public art projects in Stanthorpe.

The Weeroona sculpture group features a dancer, a drummer, a pair of local ducks on the rim of the fountain and some intriguing forms which can be seats, objects for children to hop on or just art to be admired.

The medium will be primarily granite to ensure the pieces have a strong connection to the region but Ms Brockie plans to produce her trademark wildlife sculpture in bronze.

Weeroona is only the first of a number of sculptures BACI is proposing for Stanthorpe.

They group hopes to establish a sculpture circuit along Quart Pot Creek and Maryland St.

The aim is to produce a rich art experience for locals and encourage tourists to linger in the town centre.

Mayor Tracy Dobie congratulated BACI on its initiative and was very supportive of the Weeroona sculpture project and the group's long-term plans.

Deputy Mayor Jo McNally spoke of the connection between art and wellness in the community and how art challenges us and the way in which we see the world.

Both spoke of the critical importance of public art in regional centres like Stanthorpe to promote tourism and strengthen community pride and a sense of identity.

The event was supported by several local wineries and tasty gourmet food served.

If you would like to know more about BACI, contact president Gabriele Trabucco on 0437823621 or email baciartists@