MYSTERY TANKERS: There are reports of water theft in Kilarney.
MYSTERY TANKERS: There are reports of water theft in Kilarney.

Water security at risk in Killarney

WATER security is a rising issue in Killarney with multiple reports of water trucks filling up and leaving the region at odd hours of the night.

Community members raised concerns during a meeting with Southern Downs Regional Council and questioned staff as to where the trucks were going.

Water manager Seren KcKenzie said Killarney creek water had been used for roadworks until monitoring made it clear levels were dropping.

"We stopped taking water out recently," Ms McKenzie said.

"But as far as I was aware it stopped a few weeks ago."

Council staffers suggested theft could account for the odd timing, as council trucks did not operate at night.

SDRC CEO David Keenan said water theft was a problem council was aware of and surveillance was in place to catch and deter offenders.

"We had undertaken some surveillance down there some time ago," Mr Keenan said.

"But we will engage staff to conduct further surveillance."

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie encouraged residents to report water theft.

"If you don't tell us, we don't know, so we appreciate you speaking up," she said.

The concerns come as Killarney residents fear for the future of their water supply.

The Killarney Spring Creek Weir and OSS currently contain close to 37 months of remaining water supply and the remaining 300 megalitres of water are often used to supplement projects around the region.

Resident Tony Pearson said while he understood the need for Killarney to help the region but he was scared the small town would soon find itself in the same emergency situation as its neighbours.

"Water security was one of the biggest factors we considered when looking at Killarney," Mr Pearson said.

"And now we're finding out that water security doesn't mean anything."