GOING LIVE: Master of wine Andrew Corrigan will lead the virtual wine tasting held on July 29.
GOING LIVE: Master of wine Andrew Corrigan will lead the virtual wine tasting held on July 29.

Wineries take virtual approach to tastings future

GRANITE Belt wine lovers will be given a unique experience to sample some of the region’s finest drops from the comfort of their own homes through a virtual tasting.

It’s the first time 12 winemakers from across the region will come together to showcase their wines to an audience beyond the cellar doors.

Hidden Creek director and winemaker Andy Williams said he was excited by the opportunity to target a new market with wine from the region.

“It’s just an avenue or pathway to get the word out about Granite Belt wines and discuss them through a digital forum,” he said.

“There are people who may not have been here, who can purchase (wine) straight to their door.

“It’s an innovative way that we can reach out without people coming into the area.”

The virtual tasting experience comes after wineries were forced to get creative during the height of coronavirus restrictions.

Wine tasters will have the chance to purchase the dozen wines before the four fortnightly live Zoom sessions hosted by Master of Wines educator Andrew Corrigan.

Mr Williams believes the availability of Mr Corrigan and his in depth knowledge of wine will provide a more tailored approach to the tasting.

“There are a lot of wine enthusiasts who want to know more and more about how the wine is grown and the different varieties,” he said.

“The cellar door visits are generally larger groups hurried through.

“This is something you can do in your own time and ask questions at a leisurely pace.”

While there won’t be an opportunity to tour the vineyards and experience the cellar door, Mr Williams doesn’t believe it will deter customers.

“We’re keeping an open mind, if we get a dozen people or thereabout who commit to buying some wines and being part of the initiative, that would be great,” he said.

“But it’s unknown how many we might sell – it’s exciting, really.”

Mr Williams is hopeful the virtual tasting will become a regular experience with greater involvement from wineries around the region.

“Its’ about a collective community not just a few brands – I want to involve everyone,” he said.

“(The wineries) have all collaborated in the area, we meet regularly whether it’s in the business sense or social.

“We share ideas and our passion among each other, it’s all about a collaborative approach to promote Granite Belt wine in general.”

For more information on the virtual wine tasting, head to Hidden Creek Wines.