WINNER ANNOUNCED: Best home baker in Stanthorpe

HOME to some seriously talented bakers, our region’s at home bakers certainly know how to win their way to our hearts through food.

The Border Post asked readers to vote for their favourite home baker from in Stanthorpe.

After the top 10 were short-listed, the votes are now in and the winner has been decided.

Claiming the title of Stanthorpe’s Best Home Baker is Lauren DeMarco, the resounding winner with 42 per cent of votes, finishing 14 per cent ahead of second place.

Securing the number two spot was Sandra Rossington, renowned for her scones.

Sally Cameron and Kerrie Stratford were tied for third place.

Ms DeMarco said she was shocked by the win.

“I’ve been doing it for probably 10 years I suppose.

“When I had the kids at home I needed to find something to keep myself from going insane from being at home all the time.

“I started doing that and then my little fella started school and people kept ordering from me so I kept going with it.

Stanthorpe baker Lauren DeMarco shows off one of her stunning cake creations.
Stanthorpe baker Lauren DeMarco shows off one of her stunning cake creations.

“My grandma used to do wedding cakes and decorating but basically I taught myself.”

Not long after taking it up, Cakes by Len was born.

“I do wedding cakes, birthday cakes and all sorts of celebrations.

“It’s still more a hobby but it is a business too.

“I’ve really only got it on Facebook and that’s where I get the majority of my orders and word of mouth of course.

“The community has been fantastic in supporting me.”

Ms DeMarco said Stanthorpe can lay claim to some very talented bakers.

“There’s quite a lot of competition now. There’s a lot of really, really good bakers around.

“We kind of work together. If one can’t do something we kind of pass it around.

“Everyone looks out for each other.”

With only a finite amount of weddings, she primarily does birthday cakes.

She can spend days crafting a cake.

“For a really detailed one it’s probably a few days work between the kids and that.

“It can be very time consuming. Quite a few late nights after the kids have gone to bed,” she said.

With COVID-19 taking a grip of the world right now, not even she’s free from the virus’s impact.

“Unfortunately a lot of orders have been cancelled because people can’t have parties and stuff.

“So at the moment it has been a lot of spending time with the kids and trying out some new things,” she said.

If you’re after a cake then contact her via Facebook at: