Stanthorpe's team Uruguay took on Portugal in one of their mini world cup clashes on Tuesday.
Stanthorpe's team Uruguay took on Portugal in one of their mini world cup clashes on Tuesday. Contributed

World Cup side enjoy mixed results in opening clashes

FOOTBALL: There's been mixed results for Stanthorpe's representative side at the Joeys Mini World Cup in their opening four games.

They battered a side out of South Burnett, but have narrowly lost their other three ties to date.

Despite the tough clashes, coach Brian Westerhout said the boys from team Uruguay are buoyant and thriving from the experience in Hervey Bay.

"Our first game was a tight game against Spain,” he said.

"We did go down 2-nil but the boys were probably just nervous and they scored both goals in probably the first 10 or so minutes.

"We held them scoreless for the rest of the game which was really good.

"The second game they really turned it on and I think we won 6-nil against Argentina.”

Their third game pit them against a national premier league outfit from Wide Bay.

"They were super fast, super strong and all 16 year old boys.

"We've only got a couple 16s and most of our guys are 15 year olds.

"We really enjoyed playing against them though but they were just better. Certainly was a learning curve.”

Their last game on Tuesday was against team Portugal, otherwise known as the Southern Downs Football Academy.

"That was players from Warwick and Toowoomba. We went down 1-nil but maybe could have got a draw.

"We were just a bit flat after that huge game against Wide Bay. That took a lot out of them.

"If we'd have played those in reverse we at least would have drawn, if not won it,” Westerhout said.

With no games on Wednesday or Thursday ahead of finals on Friday, Westerhout said they organised a friendly fixture against Toowoomba Grammar for Wednesday night.

"The boys are having a great time and so are the coaches. They're a great bunch of young men.

"A pleasure to be part of the coaching team,” he said.