WORD CHAMPION: Frances Cahill helps small business owners communicate with confidence.
WORD CHAMPION: Frances Cahill helps small business owners communicate with confidence. Brett Wortman

Your spelling might be costing you customers

BADD speling is not a good look; and if you are a biznis, it cood even cost you munny.

Business communications specialist and 'chief word polisher' Frances Cahill helps SMEs ensure their message is professional, accurate and meaningful.

"I don't think small businesses are asked enough about what image they are presenting," she said.

"It starts with something as simple as your answering machine message.

"What impression does that leave? Does it make people want to call you back?

"So I look at that message, then I look at people, who are often terrified of going to networking events because they don't have any confidence in their ability to speak in public about their business.

"I help them develop their message and I give them the physicality of that; what does their voice sound like, how is their breathing, how are they standing?

"And the third level is looking at their website.

"Often people spend a lot of money here, but has anyone checked it for spelling errors?"

Ms Cahill, who has a varied background in government management, radio, television, linguistics, drama and as a scout leader, said business owners neglected these areas because they did not have the knowledge and they assumed the internet would forgive all mistakes.

"The number of times I have rung up a business and thought that I would probably spend hundreds of dollars with them, but their answering machine message was so repellent," she said.

"The automatic one is the worst; as are ones that are blunt and boring. And I don't think many people listen back to their own messages.

"How many of our SMEs are sinking?

"This personal layer is even more critical than your overall brand because this is how you form relationships with customers.

"If you are leaving a bad impression, those relationships do not have a chance.

"That disconnect with your client means lost money."


Frances is hosting a six-week public speaking workshop at the end of July. The cost is $395 for earlybirds, or $495.

Call 0411 537 957, or look for Ask Aunt Em on Facebook.