Fraser Island wins best family camping spot in magazine awards.
Fraser Island wins best family camping spot in magazine awards. Contributed

YOUR SAY: Opening national parks to tourists

QUEENSLAND'S national parks could be opened up for tourists but not everyone is thrilled by the news.

The movement was expected to help push the state to reclaim its mantle as Australia's tourism capital.

Tourism and Events Queensland chairman said New Zealand had not "buggered up their national parks by opening tourism" but some Fraser Coast residents say otherwise.

Steve Kaminski: No. Check out the rubbish on the beach in Hervey Bay after holidays.

Fraser should be costly and difficult to access.

Suzanne Robi: No, K'gari is precious, a lot of people don't respect it or the dingoes.

They need to put a cap on how many tourists can be on the island at a time.

Sad to see rubbish alongside walking tracks and drunk people driving 4 wheel drives.

Always picking up rubbish on the bay foreshore.

Devyn Adams: NZ waterways have become some of the most polluted in today's history, national parks have been subjected to illegal killing of native fauna by tourists.

Flora have also been contaminated with infectious diseases and some national parks have been closed to the public (Waitakere Ranges).

All thanks to tourism and excessive public use.

Sherron McTaggart: No, it is being overrun as it is on the holidays.

Michael Simula: We allow commercial netting in our marine park, so why not?

Al Strong: Bring back sand mining at least the tracks will be fixed.

Steven Whitaker: Absolutely.

SJ Atkinson: Beach camp Pt Vernon! Income!