Should women be allowed to go topless at the beach?
Should women be allowed to go topless at the beach?

YOUR SAY: Should women be able to go topless at the beach?

A DISCUSSION on The Chronicle's Facebook page about whether women should be allowed to go topless at the beach has sparked debate.

Jason Miller said there were too many prudes.

"They're just boobs, don't stare and you wouldn't know they're out," he said.

Sandra McClure agreed, saying those who had a problem with it should just look away.

Steve Wright said on the Sunshine Coast in the 70s and 80s, the majority of girls went topless.

"Hard to believe some people are still making it an issue," he said.

Melanie Quinn said there was more support for topless bathing on the post than she had seen on a breastfeeding post.

Ben Bengtsson said there was nothing wrong with it, with Chris Pancari and Brad Brown also having no issue with it.

Meanwhile there was also debate over whether or not the council should have cancelled the annual Christmas lights competition.

"I took my daughter to look at the lights last night," Susie Huerta wrote.

"I'm certain the people I spoke to are not doing it for the chance of winning money; they do it because they love seeing how happy it makes everyone, not just the kids, and what an amazing job they've done."

Sonia Jarvis said electricity prices would impact on people displaying lights.

"When my kids were younger, we used to view the lights over two nights as there were quite a few to get through. Sad to see there isn't many involved these days. Electricity costs I'm sure would play a big part, and also the time it takes to set up these displays."